Eric Mooshagian, Ph.D.


I am a research scientist in the Cognitive Science Department at UCSD. My lab studies how sensory information is used to drive motor behavior. We primarily try to understand how visuopspatial information is used to guide and coordinate eye and arm movements. These days we are focusing on the contribution of parietal cortex to decision making related to reaching. 

Lauren King, B.S.

Lab Technician

I received my B.S. in Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience from UCSD, where I also completed my honors thesis on auditory processing in nonhuman primates. My primary research interest is in systems neuroscience with a sensorimotor focus. I am a San Diego native and enjoy reading, hiking, and running in my free time.

Charles Holmes, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am an engineer and scientist studying systems neuroscience. Professionally, I was raised at Washington University in Saint Louis where I received degrees in Electrical (BS) and Biomedical Engineering (MS and PhD). During my graduate education, I investigated spatial working memory and its neuronal underpinnings using a nonhuman primate model. Now my attention turns to the role of posterior parietal cortex and its role in limb selection.

Dominik Li

Research Assistant

Hi! I'm a senior year student from UCSD, major in Cognitive Science with specialization in machine learning and neuro computation. I was born and grew up in Shanghai China. I am a music producer outside campus. I joined the Moosh Lab because I'm interested in neuroscience experiments and the way they are conducted. Being able to have the opportunity to be involved in experiments that seek for the ultimate function of primates' brain has been my dream since a kid.

Kalaina Anderes

Research Assistant

Hi! I graduated from UCSD with my B.S. in Cognitive Science, specialization in Neuroscience. I grew up in San Diego, and I love surfing and reading. I joined the Moosh lab because I am very interested in hemispheric communication in terms of coordination, and I also enjoy working on computers and building websites. Salk is a very special place for scientific discovery, and I am lucky to be a part of one of the best research institutions in the world.

Maci Kight

Research Assistant

Hi, I am currently a fourth year undergraduate student at UCSD, majoring in neurobiology and minoring in cognitive science. My primary focuses are in the domain of cognitive neuroscience, such as the neural basis of action understanding, learning, and memory. I joined the Moosh lab to further develop my understanding of inter-hemispheric communication in the brain and planning and decision making in movement. In my free time, I enjoy running, traveling, and reading!

Sihan Liang

Research Assistant

Hi, I am currently a fourth year undergraduate student at UCSD, double-majoring Cognitive Science with a specialization in neuroscience and clinical psychology. My primary focuses are in the domain of social neuroscience, such as the neural basis of action understanding, imitation, empathy, and Theory of Mind. I joined the Moosh lab to learn more about how brain networks processes and integrates sensory information through interhemispheric communication, and generates motor representations that guide behaviors. In my free time, I enjoy reading, traveling, and exploring local cuisines.

Elise Davis

Research Assistant

I am a fourth year Cognitive Science major here at UCSD with a specialization in Machine Learning and a minor in Computer Science and Engineering. My primary focuses in my work and studies are the utilization of technology and data science to aid neurological research. I joined the Moosh lab to get closer to the science and work on software development for the team while having the amazing opportunity to witness the neurological experiments being conducted as well as work directly with the scientists who will be utilizing my software. I am so thrilled to be part of such a wonderful team here at the Salk Institute! I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to San Diego for school and to actualize my dream of living by the beach! I love to craft, cook, and do anything outside in the beautiful San Diego sun.